Welcome to Hyperion Online Architect

The purpose of this site is to provide direct access to a Hyperion Architect. There is no sales guy involved, no engagement manager, no project manager, just direct access to an architect.

How does this work?

You have an issue with regards to Hyperion you would like to discuss.  You have reviewed the qualifications of the resource and determined he might have the requisite background to provide expertise.  

You then perform the following 2 steps:

Step 1: You fill out the submission form where you provide specifics around your issue and provide a call back number and time. We'll do a brief call to discuss your situation and confirm that I would be able to assist.

Step 2: You would then schedule and pay online for a time slot on the "Book Time Slot" page. We will then have a conference call where screens can be shared if needed. The call will be recorded (voice and screens) and provided to you. By downloading the player from citrix you will be able to replay these sessions at any time in the future.

That's it. Transaction completed.


Let's look at some of the potential topics that could be covered in a call:

  • discuss how an existing project is going and the viability of success
  • review business requirements before the build starts to gauge where the pain points might be
  • review / discuss the performance of an existing application
  • hold business process requirements sessions
  • scope out a model design
  • build a prototype from an existing design document
  • our consultants said this __________.  Is this really true?
  • How well do our requirements fit with what Hyperion does well?
  • Why is our Hyperion Planning application so slow?
  • Does Hyperion look like the right tool for our requirements?
  • Is our system slow or do we have unrealistic expectations?
  • Why is our project taking so long?  Is it that complicated?


Benefits to using Hyperion Online Architect:

  • instant access to an impartial 3rd party senior resource for review
  • no travel expenses (these run 25% on top of hourly rate for traveling resource)
  • anonymous assessment, client name or consulting firm does not have to be revealed
  • can schedule as much or as little time as needed
  • no long term contract
  • you could walk away with a viable design that you could implement on your own or with limited assistance from myself
  • immediate access to a senior developer that could build your prototype on your environment

Who is this architect?
A consultant by the name of Howard Johnson whose has the following relevant experience:

  • consulting in Hyperion for 18 + years.
  • former trainer teaching the 5 day Essbase bootcamp course, VBA, and Essbase API
  • MBA Finance
  • has filled numerous roles on a project from developer to architect
  • has worked on small projects (1 man) up to large 2 year projects with 15 developers
  • has worked for boutique Hyperion consulting firms up to the big guys (former big 6)
  • specializes in reviving failed Hyperion Planning projects.

A schedule of my availability is listed on the "Step 1 Book Time Slot" page. As I am transitioning from a 100% traveling consultant, my time slots will be limited.  Even while fully engaged on projects, I intend to always have a few slots open on Friday afternoons or Early Saturdays.